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Karen Davidson and Regina Armstrong

Mentoring Club Directors

You can reach your mentoring club directors at (661) 948-4991

After camp during the school year participating campers are matched 1- to-1 with a trained mentor from the RFK Camp team. Mentors must complete additional training, criminal background checks, reference checks and fingerprinting. Mentors meet a minimum of 4 hours with their mentee during the month having fun and building a healthy adult-to-child relationship. Mentors and their kids also meet once a month for ‘Club’. At club the children enjoy the same songs, games, activities and friends they remember from camp. In addition field trips are planned, train rides, parks, parades, etc. Birthdays are celebrated as are the holidays. Each child receives an adventure book, club t-shirt, backpack, etc. As with camp, each child is treated like ‘royalty’.