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Royal Family KIDS Lancaster positions

There are many ways to be part of Royal Family KIDS Lancaster. Below, we can show you how.

Camp Counselors

Camp counselors spend the entire week at Camp. Counselors are working with the campers hand in hand. Each counselor will be trained and will be responsible for 2 campers. Along with 2 other counselors, their 4 campers and a teen staff member, you make up a cabin. Counselors have the biggest impact on the children.
Royal Family KIDS, Lancaster also has Teen Staff positions. Teen Staff works directly with counselors. They help and stay in the cabins working with all 6 campers. Teen Staff goes through the same application process except for the Live Scan. On-line applications cannot be used because paren/guardian signatures are required.

Activity Center Staff

If you want to volunteer and can only work part of the day, we have an Activity Center in the afternoon. The campers can do wood projects, paint, do fused beads, shrinkydinks, make jewelry or do archery. Activity Center volunteers must apply and be trained.

Support Staff

Support Staff works behind the scenes at camp. They are made up by our core staff team, photographers, nurses, social worker, camp grandparents, aunts and uncles and our laundry ladies. Together, we keep Camp running smoothly and giving support and encouragement to our counselors. Support Staff positions are assigned.

Other ways to volunteer

There are other ways to volunteer for Royal Family KIDS Lancaster that does not require going through our application process. This is because you would not be working directly with the children. Helping with our fundraising during the year, work day preparing the wood projects, loading or unloading luggage, serving at the Welcome Home Dinner.

Thank You…

for helping change lives in abused and neglected children in foster care here in the Antelope Valley. If you are prayerfully considering volunteering please contact us.